Late Pledges

More Time. More Money.

Now Backers can pledge to your project even after time’s up.

How to Get Started with Late Pledges

Step 1

Enable Late Pledges for your project before its deadline has been reached.

Step 2

Choose which rewards will be available post-deadline, or add new ones.

Step 3

Let the pledges roll in until you’re ready to fulfill. You’ll get weekly payouts and the same 5% fee.


How long can I offer Late Pledges?

How long you wish to accept Late Pledges for is entirely up to you. However, when you’re ready to send your surveys or begin fulfillment for a specific reward, you will need to end Late Pledges for that reward. We will also recommend that you end Late Pledges if your project hasn’t received any late pledges for 30 days.

After ending Late Pledges for a reward it won’t be possible to re-enable

How do I receive Late Pledges funds?

Once the payout for the original campaign has been sent, the first Late Pledges payout will be issued three days later. Subsequent payouts will send on a seven-day cadence for the pledges in the Late Pledges phase:

Original campaign payout - 14 days after original campaign’s deadline (includes all campaign pledges)

First Late Pledges payout - 17 days after the original campaign’s deadline (includes all late pledges made during the first 14 days after the deadline).

Second Late Pledges payout - 24 days after the campaign’s deadline (includes all late pledges made 15-21 days after the deadline). This cadence will continue every 7 days after the campaign ends, until Late Pledges has concluded.

(Note that a “day” is based on the campaign’s deadline; for example, if the original deadline was 2:44 AM UTC, that’s the time that the cadence above will then flow from.)

I use a third-party pledge manager. How does Late Pledges work with this?

How does Late Pledges work for backers?

Now, Late Pledges backers to your project will be able to pledge to any Late Pledges reward tiers you have available. They will be able to navigate through the pledge flow, and will be charged at the time of pledge. 

On Kickstarter, backers can only pledge to a project once. This makes pledging to a project a bit different than ordering something from an online store. As such, if you are already a backer of a project, you won’t be able to pledge a second time through Late Pledges.

See more information about Late Pledges in Kickstarter’s Help Center.
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